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It didn’t make sense to produce a product that helped some people at the expense of others. We want the best for the people in our supply chain and for the environment. So we ventured to Portugal to find a production partner.
We work with a family owned and operated company. What’s unique about them is that when they receive the raw cotton (from Turkey) they produce every element of the underwear – the fabric, the thread, the tag, everything. This gives us a good overview of our supply chain and helps us improve quality and process where we can.
A few more things…
Our number 1 rule in production is quality. We want a product that you can wear again and again because the less products that are created the better the world will be.
We produce in the EU because of our confidence in EU labour laws. While fair sourcing and and production is a challenge, we believe it is essential to guarantee farmers, factory workers and our employees a stable work environment. That’s something we are continually working on.
When it comes to our impact on the planet, the most important thing to consider is the material of our products. Our undies are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. The elastane is needed to make the cotton stretch and hold its shape. At the moment, our order quantities are too low to use organic cotton, but our next production will definitely be organic cotton.

Our products are 100% made from animal free materials, because animals are not born to be worn.
Our packaging is 100% plastic free, because we like our oceans, streets, communities and the world, without disposable plastic. The paper mailers are strong and FSC certified too. The packaging can also be reused.

Any questions or suggestions? Let us know! We love sustainability chats 🙂