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What makes for the most comfortable underwear?

How great is that feeling when you’re fresh out the shower and put on your favourite pair of underwear?  They keep you supported without feeling restricted. They last the whole day with you barely noticing them. But just what is it that makes this pair of pants so comfortable? Let’s explore what makes for the best comfortable underwear! 

First things first: Fabric matters! 

For underwear to feel comfortable, it needs to be a breathable material that is soft on the skin and absorbent. Underwear protects your intimate and sensitive parts, so you don’t want a material that traps in sweat or creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Natural fibres are the best choice for underwear, cotton in particular. Not only is cotton great for absorbing moisture, it’s also able to draw heat away from the body and is naturally hypoallergenic. This makes it perfect at maintaining natural pH levels down there and preventing any odours. On its own, cotton can be a little stiff, which is why you’ll often see a second more elastic material blended into underwear for improved flexibility.

Just snug enough!

Have you ever had a pair of leggings or tights or trousers that just won’t stay up? Every ten minutes or so you need to hitch them up over your hips. You take a seat and they sink or roll down! Underwear needs to stay put, firm around the waist but at the same time not so tight or restrictive that it cuts into the skin. A good, stretchy but secure waistband that is a little thicker than a simple seam is great to ensure a figure-hugging fit that won’t cause uncomfortable tightness. 

The cut

Take a look at how the underwear has been tailored. Your legs, bum, pelvis—underwear hugs all the areas that are at the core of your every movement. A good pair of underwear will take into account a body’s form, especially ensuring a snug fit but still enough room around the thighs, enough room in the backside, and enough room in the front pouch of boxers. And, for all of you with a vagina, how many times have you had a pair of undies where the gusset rides uncomfortably up between where it shouldn’t?! Even if you’ve chosen a thong, that doesn’t mean you wanted a g-string in the front too… Keep an eye out that the shape takes all of your shapes and folds into account.

The feeling

And finally, a little thing to consider, too, when searching for comfortable underwear: how do they make you feel? If you want to feel comfortable and happy in a pair of pants all day, they need to be something you feel confident wearing and even showing off at the right moment.

Eventually, the most important thing underwear should do is protect the intimate parts of your body  and make you feel comfortable and good! So next time you go shopping for underwear it’s always good to consider these aspects and ask yourself: What makes underwear comfortable for me, and how will it make me feel? 

Submitted by @dolly.be.vegan, one of our brand ambassadors and a definite fan of good comfort. Dolly prefers our thong shape and vouches for the width of its gusset!

Better hygiene for everyone.
What happens when children don’t have access to underwear and sanitary products? The risk of disease and infection increases, and girls on their period are more likely to skip school. That’s something we think just isn’t ok. We believe every day basics that fund entrepreneurship, education and health projects can create positive, sustainable lasting impact.

And we do that with you. Here’s how.
Every pair you buy =
One pair of underwear or reusable sanitary pad is made in Tanzania.
One pair of underwear or reusable sanitary pad is made in Tanzania.
Products are distributed at local schools.
Products are distributed at local schools.
A child is educated on health and hygiene.
A child is educated on health and hygiene.