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Why we’re changing Black Friday

Whats wrong with Black Friday and why we’re changing it

Black Friday is around the corner, and even though it’s not like it has been in past years due to the ongoing global pandemic, it’s still a day that encourages hyper consumerism. This year especially, with hunger, poverty and unemployment on the rise all around the world, impulse buying shoes, crop tops, jewellery and other things on sale that I don’t need, doesn’t feel right. Admittedly, I love a good bargain, but the experience of living through a pandemic and getting through it quite comfortably (so far) has put things into perspective. What a privilege it is to have this perspective! 

The Moja team had an inspiring brainstorming session to discuss what Black Friday meant to us. Surely, since we wanted to sell more underwear, we should throw in a discount for Black Friday. More underwear sales = more donations. Which aligns with our end goal of creating lasting impact… so why not get involved?

This didn’t sit well with us. Moja wants to encourage impactful consumerism, not hyper consumerism. As an impact-driven company, we had the answer there all along. 

We’ll sell the underwear for the same price as always and double the impact per sale. We can choose to cut down our profit margin and donate double the amount we usually would to Moja Foundation. 

That means that for each pair of underwear sold, now two pairs of underwear or two reusable sanitary pads will be made and distributed locally in Usa River, Tanzania. 

So, at no extra cost to our customers AND with no discounted sale items, Moja is able to bring more impact through more thoughtful consumerism this holiday season. We want to give you another reason to treat yourself to comfortable, ethical undies, and what better reason than being able to go twice as much good than usual?

For Black Friday and the rest of 2020, shop thoughtfully at ?